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About Me

The World’s a Stage

Whether its movie scenes in the mirrors at Macy's to my first play in Midtown, I live for the stage. Building a character is a science to me and acting is detective work: I dissect the human condition using observation & critical empathy skills. I love playing pretend in order to understand the real world better. My mission as an actor is to connect & engage with the world around me to imagine & build a better one so my audiences can do the same.
When I'm not acting, you can find me playing board gaming with friends-- preferably Catan, D&D, or Uno-- writing songs and (screen)plays, painting, reading, baking, coin-collecting, show-binging, designing outfits, or on a run or swim. If you can't find me, I'm either at the movies with my mom or off traveling somewhere new in the world.  
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